Iberian Minerals Ltd (CVE:IML) CEO Releases Corporate Update


Iberian Minerals Ltd (CVE:IML) a unique developer and provider firm of environmentally-friendly top gold mining extraction technologies provided a corporate update. Greg Pendura, the CEO, stated that the updates on their Spanish resources will be addressed shortly.

For now, they intend to focus on the expected spin-out of EnviroLeach subsidiary to allow everyone to fully appreciate and understand the future working association between Mineworx /Iberian Minerals and EnviroLeach and the notable advantages that both firms and their shareholders will witness with this association.

It is a thrilling time for company as it continues to develop and cultivate strong associations with advanced stage mining firms with the goal to turn a near-term, profitable and cost effective gold producer using proprietary technologies.

The update

With the spin-out of Iberian EnviroLeach subsidiary, Mineworx will hold an exceptional license in perpetuity to utilize the EnviroLeach, patent-awaiting, non-cyanide gold leaching procedure. The EnviroLeach procedure will turn a valued added innovation to company’s current business model, which for now showcases the Mineworx, patent-awaiting HM X-mill and HM X-tract technologies.

Mineworx will turn out to be the exclusive systems/technology integrator for the continued development, installation and design of the EnviroLeach procedure pilot plants and comprehensive production facilities. This association will leverage and bring the Iberian team’s expertise to design-build capabilities for the advancement of specialized industrial modular procedure systems and facility build for the deployment of EnviroLeach setup internationally in both the E-Waste management and mining sectors.

Iberian Minerals is confident that this green initiative will result in new long-term and immediate revenue channels. The aggressive plans for this year encompass measures to accomplish near-term cash flow and augment growth in the technology and mining segments. Iberian intends to build a portfolio of small to mid-sized mining resources which will use proprietary and environmentally-friendly extraction technologies. Moreover, increased benefits will come from E-Waste management segment leading in the additional revenue streams from latest technology integration division.