Inflation in Argentina affects AMBEV S A/S ADR (NYSE:ABEV) Quarterly Earnings


AMBEV S A/S ADR (NYSE:ABEV) is a company that focuses in the manufacture of brewery products. It undertakes a great deal of its operations through a direct distribution system. Asides from that, it also undertakes its business activities through several third-party distributors. It was today the business guru unveiled its quarterly earnings.

Current states of affairs

A number of analysts have made a joint statement in relation to the results. They say that Argentina’s inflation significantly hurt the company’s earnings. Reports indicate that Heineken NV has been performing quite well in Brazil. AMBEV’s performance is rather wanting and it needs to move with speed to counter the competitor.

The afternoon trading session send out a warning that the company needs to invest more time in strategizing. The company’s shares plunged by 6 percent. Heineken has extremely high expectations with the beer market of Brazil.

The business against seems to be taking over a great deal of the business in the region beating the rival at its own game. Sources indicate that its business has been experiencing a double digit growth.

Analysts at UBS in writing a note to clients stated, “Despite easy comps, Brazil beer volumes dropped 3.1 percent year-over-year, although Heineken volumes grew double-digit in Q3.”

A close outlook

Reuters had earlier on provided its estimates of the net profits. Its estimate was 2.68 billion reais. The net profits exceed the estimate. Reports show that in Brazil EBITDA shot up by about 0.3 percent. The performance of beer wasn’t impressive. It declined by almost 3.1 percent which analysts term an underperformance in the market.

Ambev seeks to uphold its dominant placement in the beer market of Brazil. To achieve its set goal, wants to make more investments in a wide range of the upscale brands. It has its eye fixed on brands such as the Skol Hops, Corona, Stella Artois and Budweiser.

Bernardo Paiva, the company’s Chief Executive has spoken in relation to the plans by the company. He anticipates that the sales will continue moving higher and higher provided they take up the right business initiatives. However, that is something we just have to wait and see.