Infosys Ltd (NSE:INFY) Open Source DevOps Platform To Accelerate DevOps And Agile Transformation


Infosys Ltd (NSE:INFY) recently announced the launch of an enterprise-class and integrated open source DevOps platform. This platform will assist the organizations in adding pace to their DevOps and Agile transformation journey.

Open Souce DevOps platform to reduce deployment cycle time by 50%

According to the Chief Operating Officer of Infosys, U.B. Pravin Rao, ”Enterprises pursuing digital transformation require Agile and DevOps at scale to rapidly adopt new technologies transform legacy systems and respond swiftly to new requirements. “He further added that the open source DevOps platform will help the company’s clients to achieve a reduction in the build and deployment cycle times by around 50%, improve the quality of the application and ensure near zero environment issues.

Rao added that the Open Source platform will enable its clients to innovate faster with the community in open source spectrum and benefit mutually from their shared experiences. The Future Practices and Technology Leader, Spark Telecom from New Zealand, Mike Owen said that Spark could conduct massive transformation program in the last few years. According to Owen the one area that needs improvement is the delivery of code from the development stage to production.

Owen said that his company successfully achieved that with the help of Infosys DevOps Platform. The change and improvement reduced the onboarding time required for a new application from months to days. It also reduced the number of human errors on the basis of mistakes caused as a result of programmatic deployment.

Exclusive features of Open Source DevOps

As per the reports, with the help of DevOps, the enterprises can rapidly onboard applications on both DevOps and Agile using the self-service model. The enterprises can benefit from the availability of 2,000 + prebuilt scripts as well as 150+ DevOps pipelines and can scale quickly through continuous integration, testing, and delivery.

Other features of the Open Source DevOps platform include script-less automation first culture, acceleration of application delivery across enterprise portfolios, ensuring data privacy and governance, and providing real-time visibility via cognitive insights.