Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Gaining Supremacy in the Contemporary World


Dallas, Texas 07/02/2013 (Financialstrend) – Intel Corporation(NASDAQ:INTC) has been operating since 1978 and it is the best one to offer digital technology platforms by means of microprocessors and chipsets. The company markets its platforms and its principal customers re the original design manufacturers (ODM) and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The company is also known for delivering communications and industrial equipment, as well as for having an avant-garde contribution.The numerous platforms of the company are used in applications for personal computers, smart phones, tablets, data centres, medical devices, automobiles, and automated factory mechanisms.

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has acquired Wireless Solutions (WLS) of Infineon Technologies AG on January 31, 2013.On February 28, it has acquired McAfee. In August 2011, the company establisheda subsidiary known as Intel Federal LLC. On December 31st the Company made its last attempt by investing in Micron.

In addition, Intel Corporation(NASDAQ:INTC)is becoming a well-knownbrand in the market of components and platforms for mobile phones and for other connecting devices. The primary mobile phone elements include radio frequency transceivers, baseband processors, as well as the power management integrated circuits. The company offers effective mobile phone platforms along with the Bluetooth wireless technology. Intel is a solid company that competes for market share against Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd., GlobalFoundries Inc., Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., Oracle Corporation, MIPS Technologies, Inc., QUALCOMM Incorporated, International Business Machines Corporation, Texas Instruments Incorporated, ARM Limited, NVIDIA Corporation and Symantec Corporation. Thus, by competing against similar corporations, Intel is on its way to exhibit supremacy in the preferred genre.