Janus Capital Group Inc (NYSE:JNS): 3Q Operations Results on October 24


Dallas, Texas 10/14/2013 (Financialstrend) – Janus Capital Group Inc (NYSE:JNS) the $1.69 billion market capitalized asset management and wealth management company announced last week that its 3Q operation results will be published on October 24. The investment firm has its operations structured around three stand alone divisions. These are “Janus Capital Management LLC, INTECH Investment Management LLC and Perkins Investment Management LLC. Through these advisory firms the firm manages close to $160 billion of its clients and share holders capital.

The investment firm has paid out 0.28 per share as dividend through the last 12 months. This translates to forward dividend yield of 3.07% with total share outstanding of 185 million. This comparatively conservative payout is in context to cash per share ratio of $4.11 it had recorded during its most recent quarter.

As of close of business on October 11, the stock was trading at $9.11 which was 2% above its previous day close. Close to 2 million of JNS shares changed hands during October 11 trading, which was lesser than 2.3 million average daily trading volume. At current valuations, the stock has gone up 21% from its 52 week low pricing and is down 9% from its 52 week high valuation.

The stock has shed close to 3% of its market valuation over the past quarter. This was on the back of sluggish 2Q in which the sales of the fund manager was up only by 4.8% while its earings per share plummeted by 38.5%. Investors in the stock would be hoping that when 3Q results come out on October 24, that the operating margins and the profit margins would have improved in comparison to 2Q. Over the past 12 months trailing period, the Operating margin of JNS had grown by 25% and profit margin was up by 11.7% in comparison to previous year.