KB Home (NYSE:KBH) shares up by 7.04%


Dallas, Texas 07/12/2013 (Financialstrend) – As a lot of homebuyers have to cope with the lack of storage space in older homes or apartments, KB Home’s (NYS:KBH) proprietary market research has explained that storage space has been a top priority for most of the homebuyers. KBH is thus willing to design its new homes with the purpose of optimizing and maximizing storage space. Home designs will vary depending on the market requirements and will include a variety of features that can help homeowners to better store their possessions, which include Walk-in closets, under-stair storage, pantries, garage shelving, kitchen island shelving and cabinets, laundry room storage and linen closets. Walk-in closets are included compulsorily in all KB Home’s floor plans, with some even offering expanded closets or dual walk-in closets in secondary bedrooms. Under-stair storage ensures that no cranny or nook is wasted and spaces are provided to keep extra chairs in two and three storey homes. A pantry is generally not available in many apartments, but KB home is planning to provide this feature. Garage shelving and organization systems make a workshop with a place for gardening supplies, tools and other items. Laundry rooms can also be designed with sinks to help with pre-treating and hand washing. Linen closets can provide space for the cleaning supplies or family games or toys for kids and perfect spot for extra linens.

KB Home (NYSE:KBH) closed at $19.62 on Thursday, recording an advance of 7.04% in the share price for the day. The stock fluctuated from a low value of $19.14 to a high one of $19.83 per share. The company currently has a 52-week low of $9.04 and a 52-week high of $25.14 per share. KBH currently has 83.55 million outstanding shares in the market with institutional ownership of 85% of its total equity capital. Trading volume stood at 7.15 million shares on Thursday, with an average one of 5.29 million shares per day.