KEMET Corporation (NYSE:KEM) Granted 20 Patents In America


Dallas, Texas 07/01/2015 (Financialstrend) – KEMET Corporation (NYSE:KEM) has been granted a total of twenty patents in the United States in the fiscal year 2015. As a result of the new patents, the company’s innovation has fueled over 12,000 new products. That is something that the company will be proud to encourage more engineers and PhDs to resort to innovation.

PhDs and Engineers

KEMET Corporation (NYSE:KEM) indicated that a stream of new processes, as well as, platform were released last year. That was due to the contribution from its global innovation centers, 33 PhDs, and 501 engineers. The company, which has been engaged in the supply of electronic components, honored patent receipts and others who took part in the patent process. That was during the Patents Awards function held recently.

The new twenty plants plaques joined those already on display of the company’s Wall at the innovation center of KMET in South Carolina. The featured inventor of the year was awarded to Jeff Poltorak, who is a technical expert in Equipment Engineering. The award was in recognition of his contributions to tantalum anode equipment design apart from the manufacturing process, as well as, the equipment. That was for the company’s newest product line of exterior mount polymer aluminum capacitor.

Management Comments

KEMET Corporation (NYSE:KEM)’s SVP and CTO, Philip Lessner, felt happy to recognize the scientists officially for their contributions in the development of some of the most innovative ideas. That allowed the company to provide some cutting-edge products in the Americas. He said that the company would continue to remain focused in differentiating itself as the leader in technology, as well as, innovation.

As a result, KEMET Corporation (NYSE:KEM)’s SVP expects to position the company as a premier of ‘easy-to-design-in’ provider of electronic and capacitance component solutions. The company’s continuous encourage of the engineers and PhDs will enable it to keep on adding more patents.