Key Energy Services, Inc.(NYSE:KEG) Now On HOLD Rating


Dallas, Texas 04/08/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Key Energy Services, Inc.(NYSE:KEG) has since received analyst coverage in the past few weeks. Heading the list of analysts backing this service contractor of oil-rigs is SunTrust.  In its latest report for investors, the research firm has advanced the price target from the earlier $11.0 to $13.00.

Incidentally, the stock has been trading below par- falling by nearly 1.49%, with the prices reaching $9.24. Besides, the company has also traded stocks over the past year between prices of $5.6 and one year high of $9.73.

Other researchers too have placed this onshore service provider under review and have drawn following conclusions. RBC Capital have reported that this stock holds potential to achieve Price target  $10.0 over previous price target of $9.00. The other analyst to revise the Price target was Imperial Captial which has rated the stock as outperform. And the price target to $11.00.

Key Energy Services, Inc.(NYSE:KEG) has received coverage from Barclays as well with the price target revised to $10.00 from the previous $9.00. The consensus rating for the company is therefore Hold rating, with the consensus price target of $9.16.

Services and Financial overview

Key Energy Services, Inc.(NYSE:KEG) has a diversified servicing and contracting services for oil-rigs. From onshore rig-based services to coiled tubing-based services, the company now has the expertise to offer drilling and specialized contractual work as well.

Key Energy Services, Inc.(NYSE:KEG) has also expanded its service points catering to clients located within continental US, Middle East, Russia besides Argentina.

Key Energy Services, Inc.(NYSE:KEG) has been a fast mover on the financial markets in recent weeks with its average volume trade at 2.51 million shares and outstanding shares of 152.93 million. It currently holds negative EPS of 0.14.

Key Energy Services, Inc.(NYSE:KEG) is located in Houston, Texas state and has been diversifying into technology development as well as control systems business as well.