KeyCorp (NYSE:KEY) Sees Forward Movement


Dallas, Texas 03/05/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – KeyCorp (NYSE:KEY) is one of the parent holding company for KeyBank National Association(KeyBank), which is the principal subsidiary for the banking services. The company is known to offer a range of retail as well as commercial banking, investment management, investment banking products besides consumer finance and services.

KeyCorp (NYSE:KEY) caters to the needs of corporate as well as individual needs. The segments which the company operates include – Key Community Bank as well as the Key Corporate Bank. Earlier in august 2013, KeyCrop has also closed the agreement to sell Victory Capital Management. Meanwhile, the company has closed the broker dealer affiliate Victory Capital Advisers as well.

KeyCorp (NYSE:KEY)  is also involved in a range of investment activities as well as Lending activities. The principal investments for this company are in equity, mezzanine instruments which are made by the Principal Investing unit and are currently at 58.9% . These include direct and indirect investments. The mezzanine instruments include real estate-related investments. CMOs are known to generate income and serve collateral to support pledging agreements. It is noted that securities of collateral mortgage obligation(CMOs) are debt securities which are secured by way of mortgages and are backed by mortgage securities.

KeyCorp(NYSE:KEY) is also known to offer  a wide-range of commercial as well as agricultural loans. These are 44% of the total loan portfolio of the company as of December 2012. The commercial real estate loans or CRE, lending business as well as conducted through sources such as: 14 state banking franchise. The other source is the KeyBank Real Estate Capital.

KeyCorp(NYSE:KEY) is also known to hold 95.9% of the portfolio, at the end of the year in 2012, as noted from the Key Community Bank. The company also holds $14.6 billion at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland besides $6.1 Billion at the Federal Home Loan Bank, Cincinnati.