Market Vector Russia ETF Trust (NYSEARCA:RSX) And Others Lead Eurozone Tumble


Dallas, Texas 08/18/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Market Vector Russia ETF Trust (NYSEARCA:RSX) and a long line of other ETFs, FXE, FEX, RUDR, in the economic sector, marked a stall in performance on Thursday, Aug 14.

The stalling of the Eurozone economy has meant that ETFs of this region have notched some weak performance on the stock markets.

The second quarter Gross Domestic Product of the Euro-zone in the second quarter noted to be 12 months into a weak performance and growth curve. This has resulted in equity markets bottoming out. It has also led to an increase in pressure on ECB, which have led it to boost growth as well as negate inflation.

Geo-Political Pressures

Market Vector Russia ETF Trust (NYSEARCA:RSX) has released data for the day with the European Union’s statistics study revealing that in terms of numbers this was to the tune of 0.2% growth. The terms considered was in annualized format and typically extended from the first quarter of0.8%.

Market Vector Russia ETF Trust (NYSEARCA:RSX) has been strongly affected by the quarterly results in key states of the zone, namely – Spain, Netherlands which moved into positive growth curves. However, they were unable to sustain the overall negativity in Germany which actually reported 0.2% shrinkage. Italy on the other hand too was noted to be a weak performer in recent quarters moved further down, at almost the same pace.

Lead Economies Flat

Meanwhile, in France the earnings continued to trade flatter and remain flat in the second straight quarter.

As the euro zone begins to face economic pressures in series, it is also largely influenced by the developments happening in neighbouring areas of Ukraine and Russia. The Russian index led the tumble of these ETFs following the uncertainties and political complications of the region.