McEwen Mining Inc(NYSE:MUX) Sees Downward Slide


Dallas, Texas 03/10/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – McEwen Mining Inc(NYSE:MUX) holds a market cap of $899.03 million and operates in the mining industry for precious metals. The company was formerly called as McEwen Mining and has been involved in the production of a variety of precious metals across the countries. The first of these was in the US, Argentina, Mexico as well as surrounding regions. The company also holds interest in several exploration as well as development of properties as well as projects in other parts of the country.

McEwen Mining Inc(NYSE:MUX) owns equity interest in the region of 49% in the gold-silver San Jose Mine off Santa Cruz, Argentina. The company also holds wide interest in large tracts such as 1,632 square miles of mineral concessions off central Mexico. The primary area of operations for this company has been in the Mexico region. The property is the El Gallo Complex and is located off the Sinaloa state off the Sierra Madre Trend. This region is always popular for the wide range of gold as well as silver minerals and other mining assets. It remains a fact that the company holds mining assets in the United States Nevada region as well. The company as of January 4, 2012, has since acquired Miners Andes Inc or Miners Andes.

The company operates from its Toronto offices and trades on the stock market at $3.01 per share. The company has in the past trading sessions noted a downward slide of 1.31%. The fourth quarter sale has been -0.04. The infra-day range of trading price for this stock is $2.93 and $3.03. Besides, the 52-week high for the company has been $3.20, and the low is $1.63. The stock also opened at previous trading session at $3.00. The EPS for McEwen Mining Inc(NYSE:MUX) is -0.56, while the outstanding shares it holds are in the region of 298.68 million. Beta is 0.74.