Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT) Launches Family Safety App Managing Screentime And Resolves Edge Browser Crashes


After months of piloting, Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT) is introducing a new Family Safety Android and iOS App. The App is designed for managing screentime and app usage for children.

The new App enables parents to manage screentime for kids

With Microsoft Family safety app, parents can receive reports on overall screen time and app usage, and they can also set limits with children able to make requests for extensions. The App syncs across Windows, Android, and Xbox, thus enabling time limits for apps and games across several devices. This will prevent children from swapping devices for more time to play Fortnite or Minecraft or other games. The feature also allows for blocking other specific apps.

The company has also included search and web filters, which limits what children can access on various sites. The filters work across the Edge browser on Android, Xbox, and Windows. On the mobile devices, the company says that the content filters and screen time limits are currently available for Android devices, but they are working to introduce the same for iOS devices. Interestingly, there is the ability to lock down sudden spending on the accounts that have email purchase requests, which will help prevent V-bucks credit card bills.

Microsoft’s Edge browser experienced crashes

Microsoft’s Edge browser reportedly crashed last week for users who had Google as their default search engine when they typed on the address bar. The company has indicated that it investigated the issue, and it has resolved it. The crashes began at 7 PM ET on July 30, and they affected Windows and macOS users. After around two hours of crashes, the company resolved the issue. However, it is still unclear why the crashes were limited to users with Google as the default search in Edge. The users who switched to the Bing search engine in Edge didn’t experience the crashes.

Users were asked to turn off the Search Suggestion at the edge://settings/search, which worked for the time before the company resolved the issue. The company now asks Edge users that had changed the settings to revert as everything has been solved now.