My Size Inc (MYSZ)’s SizeIT Smart Measuring Tape is Now Available for Android Devices


My Size Inc (MYSZ) which is a developer and creator of measurement applications for smartphones announced that it’s SizeIT smart measuring tape standard development kit that provides accurate measurement capabilities is now available.

Android Integration

Having previously released, which was only applicable for the IOS platform, the company’s new release is available for integration with the android applications

SizeIT is the technology behind TrueSize, SizeUp and BoxSizeID company applications. The technology can be embedded into any of the company’s existing or white label app in a very short period of time. This in turn is capable of offering an efficient solution to the rising costs that are associated with product prizing of products, their issues and returns. The company provides its users with the ability to instantly and accurately measure objects with quick movements for their mobile phones.

Ronen Luzon, My Size’s CEO said the ability of incorporation of SizeIT with the existing Android or IOS mobile applications is able to offer retailers the capability to provide customers with complete measurement solution. The company believes that it is able to generate additional revenues through levying licensing fees for every time it is used by a third party developed application

SizeIT expansive opportunities

SizeIT technology believes that it is now able to offer more opportunities to create tailored solutions for accurate and efficient measurement that will enable retailers and shipping companies to do away with costly inefficiencies and improve their base line. The company offers solutions tailored towards improving cost inefficiencies with several expanding markets to include; retailing, parcel delivery and DIY home improvements

Each industry is always faced by excessive returns and wasted stocks. My Size utilizes SizeIT in three separate solutions to be able to address the shortcomings within the various target industries.

My Size has been able to develop unique measurement technologies based on sophisticated algorithms and cutting edge technologies having a wider application such as e-commerce, the apparel, shipping and parcel deliveries. The technology is driven by several algorithms, which have the ability to calculate and record measurements in a variety of ways.