New Age Beverages Corp (NASDAQ:NBEV) Launches Portfolio Of Its CBD-Infused Products


New Age Beverages Corp (NASDAQ:NBEV) is a beverage company situated in Colorado. The business guru focuses in developing top-notch beverage products that help solve a wide range of health related complications. The company has disclosed details regarding the recent launch of its product portfolio.

A close outlook

The company says everything will take place at its Health Sciences segment. New Age Health Sciences is one of this company’s subsidiaries. The business guru entrusts this subsidiary with the storage of its patents and other important things.

This company took advantage of the major event to showcase its wide range of products. Major retailers and distributors attended the event in large numbers. They tasted the teas and waters by the company. Asides from that, they scrutinized the company’s pre-order information and the pricing of products.

The senior vice president in the company’s department of sales Michael Cunningham opined, “The demand and interest for these products is unlike I have ever seen in my career. Customers loved the taste of New Age’s CBD-infused products and many of them committed to bring in the products for sale.”

The turn of events

The company admits that much in terms of resources and time has gone into giving the company’s products the great taste. Dr. Gerry Haase, one of the top officials working with the Health Sciences segment says that they were directing their efforts into further enhancing the quality of their products. The company’s target is to serve consumers with products that offer them a wide range of benefits.

Reports indicate that in four years to come the CBD Global market will experience immense growth. A lot of people around the globe are currently resorting to the use of a wide the CBD products. That is because the products are effective in helping treat acute medical conditions such as cancer and epilepsy.

Most of the people prefer using natural remedies. The wave of cannabis legalization around the globe will witness more people use the products. The company is currently formulating strategies that will help it lift its production. It is also working on enhancing the quality of its wide range of products.