NII Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:NIHD) Fighting On The Back Foot


Dallas, Texas 04/15/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – NII Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:NIHD) it cannot be denied, has more financial issues bothering it, than other technology companies.

Not many technology companies are sued by investors for “concealing the company’s failing efforts to modernize its telecommunications network and expand its subscriber base” It is also alleged that NII, “failed to disclose material adverse information in offering documents it filed with the SEC in connection with the issuance of NII Capital Notes in March and December of 2011,” according to statements released by the legal company hired by investors. The allegations are for the period of Feb 25, 2010 to Feb 27, 2014.

Current position on the stock market

NII Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:NIHD) has a market capital of $180.71 million and opens on the stock market at prices as low as $1.07. The company has an infra-day trading average which ranges between $1.03 and $1.08. Again, the company has a 52 week trading average of $0.83 low point and high of $9.82. EPS for the company is -9.37. Outstanding shares for the company are – 172.11 million and

The VA, Reston based NII Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:NIHD) is unlike its name not an asset management company but a technology company with a long product pipeline.

NII Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:NIHD) is technically the holding company for Nextel Communications, when it operates on the international markets. The company has been providing a range of wireless communication services which are available under the brand name of Nextel. The company has been providing various services which operate in Mexico, Chile, Peru as well as Brazil. The main line of work for these companies is in the business centers and other on-location facilities which offer these services.

NII Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:NIHD) will now utilize digital integrated networks which are more powerful and are called as enhanced networks or iDEN. Originally developed by Motorola Inc, the services this company provides are for mobile services. These are in the region of 800 Mega Hertz spectrums and operate in several other markets as well.