NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) G-Sync 4K HDR 144Hz Gaming Monitors To Be Unveiled This Month

NVIDIA Corporation

To any keen PC gamer, the term Variable refresh rate is nothing new. NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) G-Sync is a technological advancement that plays a significant role in helping eliminate the tearing that comes into play whenever a given display shows data emanating from multiple frames in a single screen draw. The graphics card’s output is required to be in sync with the display’s refresh rate at all times, failure to which the tearing aspect is witnessed.

By synchronizing the two with AMD’s FreeSync or Nvidia’s G-Sync it becomes possible for any given gamer to enjoy a much smoother experience. Anytime soon we might be witnessing a new feature make its way to the G-Sync monitors. It will be the HDR and several market observers have termed it a major technological; advancement.

Unveiling the HDR

Nvidia is presenting its new G-Sync 4K HDR 144Hz gaming monitors ranging from the likes of Asus to the Acer although there is much fuss surrounding the matter.

HDR when looked at from the perspective of a monitor sense brings to mind factors such as colors and the associated levels of brightness. A greater focus is directed to achieving what an average human is capable of perceiving.

The distinction between the current monitors and the HDR

The negative aspect about most of the current monitors is the fact that they are lacking in terms of their abilities to provide a range of contrast and colors matching what eyes are capable of seeing. HDR is fundamentally about what particular screen is capable of displaying in terms of blacks and whites at the same time asides from the enhancement of colors that can be displayed.

The case scenario is the new HDR panels said to provide almost 1000 units of brightness which is basically higher than that associated with most of the current displays. They employ a 384-zone full array backlight not forgetting that they are also in conformation to the DCI P3 color spectrum. That implies that they end up displaying much more of the colors as compared to what users are accustomed to in their typical sRGB monitors.

The shipping of the 4K 144 Hz monitors will be taking effect in the course of this month. The matter about pricing hasn’t been disclosed yet.