Ocwen Financial Corp (NYSE:OCN) Updates On Event Performance


The NAACP Maryland State Conference and Ocwen Financial Corp (NYSE:OCN) hosted a “Help and Hope for Homeowners” event in second week of November, 2015 to provide struggling Maryland homeowners an opportunity to obtain in-person, individualized guidance, and mortgage offerings to help them stay in their homes.

The details

Event attendees obtained one-on-one support from expert Ocwen Home Retention Agents, who operated with about 325 debtors to makemortgage payments more manageable and, thus help evade foreclosure. Homeowners got a chance to meet the U.S. Department of HUD permitted financial counselors for additional mortgage-related and financial assistance.

This year, the NAACP and Ocwen have met with nearly 800 Ocwen mortgagors in four states Illinois, Florida, Maryland and New York through the event series titled as “Help & Hope for Homeowners.” Since 2008, the company has completed over 520,000 loan modifications, a number of which included a large reduction for debtors whose mortgage surpassed the existing value of the home.

The expert speaks

It is significant to identify that while some have recuperated from the financial crisis, many families, particularly in low-income groups, are still stressed to keep their houses. The last event turnout validates the fact. Edsel Brown, Jr., of NAACP said that they are delighted that Ocwen is working together on the local level to provide borrowers the occasion to meet with experienced HUD counselors and home retention agents face-to-face to discover modification possibilities that can aidsave their homes.

Jill Showell of Ocwen Financial Corp (NYSE:OCN) said that both the NAACP and Ocwen are committed to assisting debtors have every chance to stay in their homes. Co-hosting such events with the NAACP adds remarkable value and promises higher participation rates. It is evident from the participant’s number.Homeowners who participated in the event and met with experts received different solutions including assistance with drafting their Request for RMA package.