Office Depot Inc (NASDAQ:ODP) Unveils CompuCom’s Latest Achievement


Office Depot Inc (NASDAQ:ODP) is a company that focuses in the provision of technology solutions to clients around the globe. It comes up with resources and tools that customers use in operating their businesses on a daily basis. The business guru today speaks on the latest achievement of its subsidiary CompuCom.

A close look

The company applauds its subsidiary for winning the CompassIntel IoT Innovator Award at the wide range of activities by the subsidiary. This intelligence and advisory body had seen what the company had done in the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies segment.

It added that the business guru all along the way remained rather innovative. It is one of the reasons the management market has been performing quite well.

Since its establishment, the CompassIntel IoT Innovator Awards program pays a huge deal of focus encouraging businesses perform remarkably. It acknowledges that indeed CompuCom does quite well in line with offering the much needed support to industry innovation.

The Marketing Officer of CompuCom Ken Jackowitz opined, “We’ve barely scratched the surface of all that digital workplaces and workspaces can do. In a market that is now seeing underemployment, there is a need for the convergence of the digital workplace with the digital workspace.”

The turn of events

This official admires the progress made so far. They have moved swiftly to get to the point they are right now. They can at this moment deliver working environments that are reliant on the most recent IoT technologies. Jackowitz also takes immense pride in their wide range of digital facilities as well.

The official says there is currently a lot much more to celebrate about. That is firstly considering that a trusted body like Compass Intelligence could  recognize them. Jackowitz believes the firm must have recognized their industrious nature. It is the only way any business in the segment can contribute towards the building of experiences.

The other thing is that the business guru has facilitated major expansions in one of its marketing agencies. The Y&R-led Office Depot Partnership will no longer be the same again. That was after the company added BCW Group which will help enhance the public relations.