On Track Innovations Ltd.(USA) (NASDAQ:OTIV)’s New Smart Vehicle ‘Moon Tag’


Dallas, Texas 02/05/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – On Track Innovations Ltd. (USA) (NASDAQ:OTIV), an international  leader in cashless payment-solutions, announced that OTI PetroSmart, the company’s 100%-owned subsidiary and an international  Value Added Reseller of various petroleum equipment, has now  introduced an innovative and new smart-vehicle called ‘Moon Tag’. This expands the use of the company’s  ‘EasyFuel Plus’ system in  the current consumer market. On Track Innovations Ltd.(USA) (NASDAQ:OTIV)’s  petroleum payment-solutions have been deployed in 43 different countries, to over  1,600 gas stations and to more than  100,000 commercial vehicles. EasyFuel Plus provides its AVI services with the contactless smart-read-write tag that is positioned right around the fuel-inlet of any vehicle.

When any fuel nozzle that is fitted with this OTI contactless reader is inserted into the fuel inlet of the vehicle, the contactless-communication is automatically established. Once the payment card details of the vehicle have been verified, the fuel can then be dispensed. When the ‘EasyFuel Plus’ system had initially been introduced, it served various commercial fleet-owners as it automates the process of fuel payment. In addition to this, it prevented fraud and saved time. Now, the next stage of this system reaches out into the private-sector and will help consumers settle their payment automatically.

They will not have to pay in a convenience store or swipe their credit card. In addition, customers will also get loyalty points automatically for every refueling. As far as oil companies are concerned, this is actually the ultimate as far as a loyalty system goes. The consumers are encouraged to come back to the branded stations that have this new EasyFuel Plus feature. It is simple to use and it also provides loyalty points. The Moon Tag that has been developed by On Track Innovations Ltd.(USA) (NASDAQ:OTIV) for the consumer market is a one-fits all shape and is very convenient to use.