Origin Agritech Ltd (NASDAQ:SEED) Showcased Its Plans On SEED+ Rural E-Commerce With Blockchain


Dr. James Chen, the CEO of Origin Agritech Ltd (NASDAQ:SEED), presented the firm’s plan for SEED+ Rural E-Commerce with Blockchain on March 15, 2018. During the renowned Meetup, Dr. Chen talked Origin’s history of welcoming information technologies and the rising prospects for rural e-commerce operation in China.

The buzz

The CEO of Origin expressed that the company has 20 years of business in rural China and has set strong brand name across extensive farmland in China. They are extending their competitive benefits for rural consumer bases, business understanding and management experience in rural regions, and supply source tracking for farmed products, and they intend to startup social network e-commerce base with offerings including but not confined to agricultural inputs.

Dr. Chen also highlighted the firm’s cooperation with Elastos Foundation in advancing Blockchain know-hows for a decentralized social network e-commerce setup and agricultural seed and yield tracking system.

Origin Agritech, headquartered in Zhong-Guan-Cun Life Science Park and founded in 1997, is China’s major agricultural biotechnology firm. Leading the growth of crop seed biotechnologies, the company’s phytase corn was the initial transgenic corn to get the Bio-Safety Certificate.

Over the years, the company has set a robust biotechnology seed pipeline also having products with pest resistance (Bt) and glyphosate tolerance traits. Origin manages breeding stations countrywide located in major crop-planting areas. Product lines are upright integrated for corn. It should be noted that Origin Agritech is a renowned name in the respective industry.

Earlier, Dr. Chen, the CEO of Origin Agritech, had reported that he will attend the Elastos x BITMAIN Meetup on March 15, 2018. The Discussion was set to be planned in San Francisco, California. During the event, Dr. Chen was expected to showcase the firm’s strategies linked to Blockchain technology dependent rural e-commerce and the event material will be submitted with U.S. SEC prior to the discourse.