Peregrine Semiconductor Corp (NASDAQ:PSMI) In The Midst Of Large Drop


Dallas, Texas 03/20/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – San Diego based Peregrine Semiconductor Corp(NASDAQ:PSMI) has reported that in the month of January, the company had been witness to a substantial drop in the short interest.

Analyst rating

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp(NASDAQ:PSMI) has indicated that, it has been weighted by several analysts. The first on the list of analysts is the Charter Equity which rated this stock a downgrade.

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp(NASDAQ:PSMI) received a down grade from the ‘market perform’ rating it held earlier to ‘underperform’ rating.

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp(NASDAQ:PSMI) received analyst research note from another analyst- RBC Capital. This analyst in turn offered an upgrade. Additionally, this analyst is of the opinion that the rating is moved from ‘sector-perform’ to ‘outperform.’

The analysts have now assigned a target price of $7.00 per stock. According to this analyst the move was meant to be a valuation call.

Additionally, analysts at Deustche Bank also cut the price target on the share from the $8.00 to $6.00.

Service portfolio

Peregrine Semiconductor has thus far been successful in manufacturing and designing as well as marketing radio frequency integrated circuits or RFICS. This company also offers a range of services which include broadband, industrial as well as mobile wireless devices.

The company has also been useful in testing and measurement equipment, which is useful for wireless infrastructure markets as well. RFICS which the company provides is known to include such RF switches- antenna, besides RF-Switches and broadband, besides general purpose use equipment.

Additional product range

Additionally, digital attenuators, mixers, up converters, as well as pre scaler’s and a range of variable gain amplifiers are part of the portfolio. Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation also offers DC-DC convertors which find a wide-range of applications in the industry. The market cap of this company is $199.33 million and trades on the market at stock price which ranges between $6.00 and $6.21 during infra-day trading.