Quicksilver Resources Inc.(NYSE:KWK) Expectations Soar


Dallas, Texas 12/27/2013 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Quicksilver Resources Inc.(NYSE:KWK) is few of the oil and gas companies which analysts are backing for the next fiscal. Quicksilver’s strong fundamentals, good stock price as well as excellent stockpile is expected to making it a most sought after stock in this sector.

Analysts predict the growth for Quicksilver in 2014 is expected to soar.

The Texas-based exploration and development company is best valued for its technology as wellas production plus development capability, even as it uses a non-conventional source – which varies from shale gas to coal bed or methane. The turnaround for the company has been successful thus far, from a cold spell in the earlier years. It was only in 1999, after 30 years of private ownership that the company moved to being a public company.

Additionally, Quicksilver Resources Inc.(NYSE:KWK) expects to forge strategic partnership, besides lowering its debt load which is expected to bring in greater profits. This includes ventures in Barnett Shale, where the company has already in place one will and is expected to drill 3 more by the end of the quarter. Quicksilver Resources Inc.(NYSE:KWK) is also expected to drill more wells, nearing 6 by the fourth quarter.

Its other successful projects include the Fort Worth Basin, where the company is expected to draw out nearly 1.2 trillion reserves and are expected to drill 6 more wells. The company is expecting to see quick movement on is Horn River Basin as well. The highlight of this mine is its top-quality shale and is expected to be a winning inventory for the company.

Quicksilver Resources Inc.(NYSE:KWK) does carry debt features but have earned over 1.1 billion in cash as well. The company is expected to see a liquidity quotient of $344 million, while $130 million will be in the form of securities. The company has since recorded 2Billion in impairment charges as well.