Quiksilver, Inc. (NYSE:ZQK) Commits Further To Sustainability


Dallas, Texas 08/14/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Quiksilver, Inc. (NYSE:ZQK) has announced expansion of its lead REPREVE product line, with the launch of the New Wave Boardshorts called Quiksilver AG47 which is made from its signature fibers called REPREVE.

What makes the fibre unique is the material from which it is made. Constructed from recycled material such as plastic bottles made exclusively by third party supplier Unifi, Inc. (NYSE:UFI), Repreve has been driving Quiksilver’s domination in developing products which are geared towards sustainability equations.

As Chief Marketing Officer at Quiksilver Nick Drake mentioned in the press release, the performance of the fabric has been the key factor which has led to the development of the boardshort collections.

Special Technology used to develop Repreve

Quiksilver, Inc. (NYSE:ZQK) offered further explanation on the technology used to develop the fabric. Highlighting the use of Quiksilver Dry Flight Technology in combination with repellent protect for water seepage with the use of 3M scothgard. This allowed water to roll off the fabric by beading-up. This allows the fabric to dry faster the press released noted.

Quiksilver, Inc. (NYSE:ZQK) CMO mentioned that, “new technology and innovation 45 years in the making, the Quiksilver AG47 New Wave Boardshort is the perfect fit for REPREVE and its #TurnItGreen initiative, “ adding that the technology “focuses on educating consumers about the importance of recycling and the cool products their recycled plastic bottles.”

Unifi Inc President and Chief Operating Officer, Roger Berrier added that the material his company makes has been trending recycling fabrics. Partners committed to sustainability and recycling are able to leverage the inherent recycled plastic characteristics of the fabric have allowed its extensive applications including Quiksilver’s innovative boardshorts.

He appreciated that a new generation of buyers are growing up on the sustainability products, leading the move to greener initiatives.