Regions Financial Corp (NYSE:RF) Brings Onboard Ryan Stash


Regions Financial Corp (NYSE:RF) is one of the companies under the S&P 500 Index .It focuses in the provision of commercial  and consumer  banking, mortgage products and wealth management services. The business guru brings onboard John Stacy who will take up the position of the company’s Head of Diversified Corporate Banking for Houston.

Current state of affairs

The official also takes up the role of Managing Director. Stacy looks forward to overseeing the additional investment in Corporate Banking for South Texas and Houston. Asides from that, the leader will also facilitate delivery of a wide range of services and products to business clients of Diversified Industries.

Bryan Ford works with the Regions Bank. The official speaks out in relation to John’s passion and experience. According to Ford, these are the qualities that make him the most appropriate fit for the top role.

The leader opined, “His success in leading a team of professionals and developing relationships with corporate clients go hand-in-hand with our vision for growth, and we are excited to welcome him to our Houston Corporate Banking team.”

Stacy moves in with over 30 years experience in financial management, leadership and banking. The leader applauds the company for the major investments in its talent, resources and capabilities in a bid to serve the large number of clients.

Future plans

Regions intends to expand its Houston Corporate team .Its aim is to develop new relationships throughout the South Texas and Houston communities. The company encourages the development of an outstanding culture. It supports a culture where every team member focuses on individual goals and needs of every client. It also wants to encourage the provision of superior services.

Stacy expressed great satisfaction in getting the opportunity to serve the company in such a high position. This official is a native Houstonian and is quite happy to lead the initiative that will see him help the company grow its Corporate Banking undertakings.

Regions Bank also adds Ryan Stash to the Energy & Natural Resources group where the official takes up the position of the Managing Director. Stash will operate from Houston and will always report to the Executive Managing Director Brian Tate.