RigNet Inc. (NASDAQ:RNET) And CACI International Inc. (NYSE:CACI) Partners To Provide Government With Secure Communications


RigNet Inc. (NASDAQ:RNET) and CACI International Inc. (NYSE:CACI) entered a collaboration on the Steelbox™ Secure Voice and Text App of CACI for mobile government users.

RigNet and CACI offering government official secure channel of communication

The CACI SteelBox solution incorporates technologies from BlackBerry Ltd.’s (NYSE:BB) SecuSuite® and Microsoft Corp’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Azure. The solution will offer a cloud-hosted, government FedRAMP-certified as well as a secure tenant environment. According to the terms of the collaboration, RigNet is expected to offer telecommunication interconnectivity across the US, thus enhancing convenience and utility to government bodies.

CACI previously collaborated with BlackBerry to enhance the capabilities of the SteelBox solution. This enterprise technology will enable government officials to text and securely make calls from their smartphones through the mobile communications app without the worry of data compromise. The alliance with RigNet allows SteelBox to “Break Out” and securely connect with even users that don’t have the app.

Jamie Barnett, the SVP of RigNet for Government Services, indicated that the company has been offering highly reliable and secure telecommunications solutions to consumers for over four decades. Barnett said that the collaboration is another tactical undertaking into government entities adding that they were pleased to partner with BlackBerry and CACI on SteelBox connectivity.

SteelBox solution to help cut costs of acquiring software and hardware

Government-authorized mobile users can download a secure solution into an existing government mobile device through the Mobile Device Management solution or App store. The software-as-a-service solution is easier and convenient to use, and it offers considerable savings to the government through the elimination of the lifecycle expenses of acquiring, maintaining, and delivering state-owned software and hardware.

The Senior Vice President of CACI for Capabilities and Technology Integration, Dab Kern, indicated that the SteelBox solution has so far opened some new secure communication lines for government entities. Most importantly, that comes at a period when such a capability is more important than ever. Kern added that CACI was delighted to enter an alliance with RigNet to expand the SteelBox’s secure telecommunication capabilities.