RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp (NASDAQ:RXII) Joins Hands with Karolinska Institutet for the Development of sd-rxRNA Compounds


RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp (NASDAQ:RXII) has entered into a collaborative accord with Karolinska Institutet for the development of sd-rxRNA compounds that improves persistence and functionality of NK Cells and T Cells. The T cells and NK Cells will help to advance the Immuno oncology for the treatment of solid tumors. The collaborative work will further expand on the results obtained from sd-rxRNA that targets PD-1, which will enhance the TIL antitumor activity against the melanoma cells in vitro.

CDO of RXi Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Gerrit Dispersyn said the company is pleased to extend the collaborative accord with Dr. Kiessling’s group to utilize the oncology expertise and enhance the successful research earlier conducted using its sd-rxRNA technology platform in the immuno oncology. The anticipated results from the collaborative research and previous results are vital for advancing the sd-rxRNA immuno-oncology therapeutics.

Senior Professor (Experimental Oncology) at Karolinska Institutet, and Rxi’s Scientific Advisory Board member, Rolf Kiessling said the results obtained so far are a clinical relevance to use sd-rxRNA technology for improving the ACT. In this collaborative work, they are looking to explore the sd-rxRNA for modulating the targets outside of the checkpoints. It helps to enhance the efficiency of immune effector cells including NK Cells and T Cells.

Immunotherapy treatment by activating the immune system of the patients have shown remarkable results in enhancing the lifespan in patients suffering from untreatable cancer. The emerging immunotherapy approach – Adoptive Cell Therapy utilizes the immune cells including NK cells or T-lymphocytes that are extracted from the patient.

The sd-rxRNA compounds are utilized for eliminating proteins from therapeutic immune cells or expression of the immuno suppressive receptors and reduces their sensitivity to the tumor resistance. It also helps to destroy the tumor cells. Therefore, sd-rxRNA therapeutic compounds are useful to provide an effective cure for the patients suffering from terminal cancer.

RXi Pharmaceuticals Reports Q2 Results

RXi Pharmaceuticals has announced the results for the quarter ending June 30, 2018. The spending on R&D during H1 of 2018 is reduced by 26% when compared to the H1 of the previous year. The cash position of the company is $5.3 million as on June 30, 2018.