Saint Jean Carbon Inc (CVE:SJL) Obtain Order from Panasonic

Saint Jean Carbon Inc

Saint Jean Carbon Inc (CVE:SJL) a carbon science firm engaged in the build and design of green energy storage, green re-creation and green energy creation through the application of carbon materials. The firm reported that it has obtained their initial order from Panasonic Corporation to offer graphite anode material to manufacturing facility.

The order comprises of two various material provisions. Panasonic is one of the leading battery manufacturers and makes batteries for firms like; Volkswagen, Tesla, Toyota and numerous other large corporations.

The buzz

Paul Ogilvie, the CEO of Saint Jean, reported that after over 2 years of functioning on material specifications, re working and sampling, they could not be more delighted than to finally dispatch finished material to company’s customer. This order comes under offtake deal to supply ample tonnes of anode material every month for unspecified number of years.

Ogilvie reported that they are confident that the electric car trade continues to move at this rate. This will continue to support demand and create increased opportunities for them. They consider today as their greatest accomplishment, to be acknowledged and presented with an order to source one of the world’s leading technology firms, is a remarkable accomplishment for the entire team.

Prof. Zhongwei Chen, the CTO of Saint Jean, commented that their constant striving and research to create the premium in class anode material is beginning to pay off. The objective is to have the ability to design material for any client’s specification on the best level of quality and consistency.

The firm will ship the initial order within 90 days. It will continue to coordinate with all other interested battery firms, and continue to aid create better turnkey offering for anode materials and take measures to achieve best performance that may indicate higher performance batteries.

On Wednesday, the stock price of Saint Jean jumped more than 59% to close at $0.295.