, Inc. (NYSE:CRM) Targets SMB’s With Launch of Business Plus


Dallas, Texas 07/02/2015 (Financialstrend) –, Inc. (NYSE:CRM) has been focusing on the growth of SMBs since long time. The company released its updated software version known as “ business plus” especially for the fast growing SMBs the company has again gained a higher position in the market.

With the new version of, the SMBs can categorize their business operations based on the region or languages. The new version due to its varied features will give more customer satisfaction which in turn will help in maintaining the customer reliability and lead to the better productivity for the company as the increased work load of agents would push them to work harder.

Customer Health Monitor is one of the attributes provided in the new version of According to this feature the agent will know about the satisfaction or dissatisfaction status of the customer-on-call liaison with the agent. Suppose if a customer calls the agent for the second time, then the agent will receive a warning status about the customer’s dissatisfaction. With the help of such indication the agent will take up cautious steps during his conversation to satisfy as well as retain the customer.

On the other hand, has another feature called mobile software development tool introduced by, inc. (NYSE:CRM) wherein the companies can directly install the tool in any app. Installation of software app will help the customer to interact with the agent directly without changing the application or waiting for another tool in order to access the conversation., inc. (NYSE:CRM) has also included Customs Controls as an attribute in the new version. Customs Controls is one of the features which help the companies put a control on action taken by the agent for each customer. This feature will also help the company when it sends the actual agents on leave and appoint certain agents on contract basis for delivering duties on behalf of the actual agent. In such a case, the company has the discretion to give limited access to the temporary agent.

In order to increase the agent’s productivity, inc. (NYSE:CRM) has introduced canvas tool which will help the companies to install third-party’s apps in to The application is sold at $125 per month for a particular user.