Sirius XM Holdings (NASDAQ:SIRI) Acquires Simplecast To Combine It With AdWizz for Enhanced Experience


Sirius XM Holdings (NASDAQ:SIRI) has announced the acquisition of a prominent podcast management solution, Simplecast. The platform helps podcasters in publishing, managing as well as measuring their content.

Simplecast to combine with  AdWizz

The pairing of the Simplecast platform with SiriusXM’s subsidiary adtech’s AdsWizz’s will create a solution that will allow creators to publish as well as earn revenue through their podcasts. Simplecast, which is led by Brad Smith, its CEO, and founder boasts of leading audience analytics, content management, as well as Moveable Audio Engine. The platform has attracted some of the most popular and highly rested publishers and brands, including QCODE, Netflix, Cloud10, Blue Wire, and Maximum Fun. The solution has used by several creators that range from network publisher to enterprise publishes to independent podcasters.

AdWizz and Simplecast will form a publisher solution business for SiriusXM, which will be a full-service solution that meets all podcast creators’ needs regardless of size. This acquisition will strengthen and expand the company’s and Pandora’s monetization services and tools for publishers and podcasters. The company already offers exceptional adtech solutions to networks and podcasters through AdsWizz, ranging from ad serving to dynamic ad insertions, programmatic podcasting solutions, as well as a podcast marketplace, PodWave. Equally, creators can submit podcasts through Pandora for Podcasters, thus getting an audience of millions of users and access useful audience insights and analytics tools.

Combination of platforms to enable publisher monetize content

AdWizz CEO Alexis van de Wyer indicated that the company’s objective is to offer audio publishers a modern platform that provides everything to be successful. Wyer added that empowering all podcaster so that they can create, analyze, distribute, and monetize their content is part of its vision.

Brad Smith, the CEO of Simplecast, indicated that from the beginning, the platform was focused on offering podcast creators the best publishing tools and insights. He added that the opportunity to align the company’s offering with AdsWizz will enable podcasters to access a robust monetization platform for their content.