Stem Cell Therapy is “the new internet” of Medicine Biotech Products Services & Research, Inc. (OTC: BPSR)


Dr. Crystal Ruff, a decade-long researcher of stem cell therapy calls stem cell therapy the “new internet” in drawing an analogy of how the internet has changed our lives.  That said, we’ve found a Biotech company for investors to get in on that’s already moving from research to development in this arena.

Biotech Products Services & Research, Inc. (OTC: BPSR) is a Florida-based stem cell research and development company that’s quietly been treading forward in one of the potentially highest revenue growth arenas in medicine today – the application of stem cell therapy in patients.

What are stem cells?   When you cut yourself, it heals, right?  That’s what stem cells do – they repair or rejuvenate the body and the goal of stem cell therapy is to enhance the body’s natural process of regeneration.

As we age, the number of stem cells decline.   So, one of the biggest areas (revenue-wise) is in cosmetics.   BPSR is quietly working on patents in this area and when filed, that protection will catapult Biotech Products Services & Research into the forefront of….  you guessed it, CA-CHING, MONEY!!

That interprets into return on investment for savvy-biotech investors who take advantage of BPSR stock!

BPSR opened its first stem cell clinic in Florida in January, 2016 – AND THE STOCK SHOT UP TO $1.25 PER SHARE!

BPSR closed on the last trading day of 2016 at $0.17 per share.   The biotech stem cell therapy company has been VERY QUIET since announcing the opening of its first clinic and its shares quietly drifted down to a low of $0.04 but in December, volume-driven trading pushed BPSR to its year-end close of $0.17 with no news release.   Now you have to admit, a lot of investors take their losses at the end of the year and a small biotech company like BPSR may have been a likely candidate for yearend loss trading – BUT NOOOO, not BPSR.  Instead, savvy biotech investors were SNATCHING UP SHARES!

BPSR shows on its website that it now has NINE CLINICAL LOCATIONS.   That’s right…. (9)!!!  So why hasn’t the stock shot up?   THEY NEVER ANNOUNCED THOSE LOCATIONS.   Unbelievable, you might ask.  Well, not really…    Management may get a poor grade in communications with investors over the last year, but on the other hand, they’re not SITTING STILL EITHER!

On BPSR’s “Products” webpage it states that: “We currently market registered cellular products and human allografts used in the disease management for osteoarthritis, ophthalmic conditions and others.”

BPSR also provides cellular products to doctors and hospitals worldwide, and is planning to patent several products for anti-aging, regeneration and cosmetics.  But don’t take our word for it, read it for yourself.

So let’s do the math.   On January 22, 2016, BPSR announces its first clinic.  The stock SHOT UP TO $1.25.  Since then, NO NEWS and its drifted down.  But when most investors dump stocks in late December for tax losses, instead, THEY WERE BUYING BPSR.   So, what do you think?   FOUR BAGGER?   HELL, YES!!!!


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