Sunedison Inc (NYSE:SUNE) Introduces Its Solar Water Pump


Dallas, Texas 11/15/2013 (Financialstrend) – On 14 November, 2013, the silicon wafers manufacturer Sunedison Inc (NYSE:SUNE) has announced that it has launched the SunEdison Solar Water Pump which will mainly cater to agricultural segment. This Pump is a high performance Photo voltaic or PV based water pump that will yield beneficial results to the farmers.

The latest product will be launched in India which is anticipated to be of immense assistance to the farmers since cost wise it will be cheaper in times of erratic rainfall when diesel fuel or the absence of uninterrupted power supply hampers the water availability. The expected crop production will gain greater heights with the application of these pumps by providing reliable water source in times of failed monsoon.

The agricultural segment is still the backbone of the economy as the major portion of the country lies under cultivable area across country growing various kinds of crops for vegetables, grains, fruits and other food items like cotton. These products are also exported and government has been increasing the budgeted expenditure in the sector year after year to encourage more production. These steps are backed by lenient finance options for farmers, thus such innovative and economical product is likely to be well appreciated in the country.

Pashupathy Gopalan, SunEdison, Asia Pacific, GCC and South Africa had spoken on the event of launch, “SunEdison is committed to transforming lives through innovation. Our solar water pumps empower farmers to grow cash crops that require predictable irrigation and enable them to utilize land that they previously could not irrigate.”

With the assistance of the designing team from company’s R&D teams across U.S. and India, have introduced this round the clock cultivation and predictable daytime irrigation product. The product comes with an intelligent pump controller which looks into the power availability from PV module non-stop and provides 3-phase AC pump at variable speeds with superior efficiency that procure water throughout the daytime.