Super Cruise by General Motors (NYSE:GM) with no driver in 2020


Dallas, Texas 08/29/2013 (Financialstrend) – Nowadays where life is surrounded by the latest technologies, car has become a necessity. Keeping in mind a unique car will launched by General Motors which will give a luxury to a couple to chat, a mother take care of her baby, a businessman to focus on his work while driving. All this luxury will be enrolled when General Motors will launch this car which will drive at own that means without driver.

The Super cruise will be launched by General Motors (NYSE:GM) with a latest technology in which the control of the steering will be an additional feature. The engineer has also given a demo as a part of testing the latest electronic power steering; the same was reported on Wednesday.

The latest system which is known as the super cruise has an inbuilt radar and cameras to help this queen to be in a proper lane and safe distance. In this car the automatic device has been installed which will help to control on speed and automatic brakes to stop at a safe distance. The Super cruise will also have a featured to detect pedestrian with the smart technology of smart phone.

This car which will be launched by General motors’ (NYSE:GM) will have an inbuilt feature to detect the right path with the help of detectors, a warning the driver well before time, which will help to reduce the number accidents in the town, and will give the pleasure of safe driving. Super cruise will also have a feature which will to have a clear and transparent view of the road.

So get ready to have the pleasure of super cruise with an inbuilt technology by General motors’ which will not only give a hassle free ride with luxury and safety but will also save the time which can be delivered to produce things.