Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC) Launches New Security Solutions


Dallas, Texas 05/20/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – With many targeted attacks now on the rise & cyber criminals are also becoming even more ruthless, the conventional security solutions are now fining it very tough to cope-up with various incidents and the false positives, which has left organizations completely vulnerable. In an effort to now provide effective and reliable security, Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC) has also announced its roadmap of new solutions that are aimed at providing what the company has now been tagged as the Advanced Threat Protection.

The solutions

This particular roadmap focuses 1- Symantec Managed Security Services that are made up of 1- Advanced Threat Protection & 2- Symantec Advanced Threat Protection Solution. The 2 new solutions correlate all the alerts & the intelligence across a variety of security technologies and deliver even more comprehensive attack-prevention. Symantec Information Security’s senior vice president, Brian Dye said that in order to very successfully defend against all they different kinds of targeted attacks that are being seen today, the focus has to be expanded from prevention to detection & response

Specialized approach required

Just network security alone is not going to solve this massive problem. The adversaries are now targeting all the control points from gateway right to email to the end- point. Organizations also need security across all the control points and these have to work in tandem with the incident response capabilities as well as global information intelligence, in order to beat the bad-guys. Symantec is now bringing that extremely powerful arsenal to the market. The 1st new product that will be made available from this June is the Symantec Managed Security Services. This is an Advanced Threat Protection system that is a managed service which very significantly reduces time that is taken to detect, and prioritize as well as respond to any of the current security incidents.