Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) And Partners Conduct 4G LTE Trial


Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) is a company that focuses on advancing connectivity.Some of its major areas of focus include the Managed Services and Networks. Customers benefit a great deal since they get more revenue streams and their business efficiencies move a notch higher. Ericsson is coming together with partners in a bid to conduct a 4G LTE trial.

A close outlook

The other partners are the NewCore Wireless and Agri-Valley Services. To undertake the activity, the three business giants intend to use 600 MHz of spectrum. Reports indicate that at the start of the fourth quarter this particular year everything will be up and running.

Ericsson says that settling on Michigan as the location to conduct the trial was a great move. As a matter of fact, this trial is a unique one. That is because it is the first one ever! Market experts say that working in conjunction with a United States carrier is indeed a great a deal and they anticipate better things to come.

Agri-Valley Services makes the needs of its large number of subscribers a matter of great priority.

That is the reason it has lately been undertaking tests on the general performance of the 600 MHz band. It is about increasing access to the fixed wireless services.

Future plans

The company looks forward to attain immense success in line with this particular trial. According to it, a successful trial portends the effectiveness of the spectrum. That is across the regional marketplace from a commercial standpoint.

NewCore Wireless since its establishment has showcased remarkable performance. It specializes on the delivery of hosted solutions. Quite a significant number of the regional carriers keep on applauding it for the great services it offers them.

The CEO of Agri-Valley Services Edwin H. Eichler opined, “We look forward to the results of this 600 MHz trial. As we rolled out our existing truNet LTE wireless service, we did so with the intention of introducing vastly improved internet service to Michigan’s Thumb region.”

Eichler proceeded to term both NewCore Wireless and Ericsson ideal partners.