Dallas, Texas 09/27/2013 (Financialstrend) – TETRAGON FINANCIAL (OTCMKTS:TGONF) trade volume as of close of business on September 26, was 4,400 with a 52 week range of $8.22 – $11.68 and a impressive annual gain at 27.33%.

TGONF announced its latest quarter results in August. During the investor call, the company management highlighted the key focus areas over the next few quarters for TGONF in terms of operation and shed light on investment strategies they are adopting to pursue growth.

TGONF now owns $1.7billion in financial assets. The asset management vertical manages over $8 billion investments. Explaining their investment strategy company announced that they are poised to enter “assets, asset classes” as well as other high return opportunities to ensure a good return on equity. As a follow-up to this strategy, it is also looking at bringing in house some of the assets to build up its own portfolio.

This move is expected to bring in higher fee income as well as returns on the capital invested. TFG hopes to string out the dividend payout time table and ensure return which reaching the Shareholders will include capital appreciated as well as dividend.

TGONF is an investment company which makes money by offering wealth management and asset management services to high net worth individuals and institutional investors. It investments are centred on the automobile industry and real estate. While funnelling investments into the auto sector, it essentially funds vehicles that belong to CLO category in niche asset classes that are secure and ensure highly returns on equity. It also operates in the real estate markets while continuing to grow its core verticals of portfolio investment as well as management of different assets categories.

TGONF is currently owned by David Wishnow and other principal investors.