The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) The Stock


Dallas, Texas 04/04/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – The Boeing Company’s stock traded 0.26% higher after the delivery of the commercial aircrafts. There was a delivery of 161 commercial aircrafts made and which is almost an increase of 18% as compared to the same quarter previous year. The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) also delivered 24 Boeing 777, 18 Boeing 787 and 4 Boeing 747 aircrafts.

The investors’ expectations

Investors are expecting The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) to keep delivering high number of aircrafts throughout the year. For this Boeing will have to speed up the production process and should take the advantage of $441 billion orders that are pending.

In reality The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) has fasten up the process

Boeing is expected to produce 42 737 aircrafts per month by the mid of 2014. Boeing was facing problems in the production of 787 and it slowed the speed because of which the monthly target of 10 aircrafts per month was not achieved. So the investors will definitely keep it in mind that they check the production of 747s

Constructing the models to match up with the pace

The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) is a leader in the production of wide bodied aircrafts and has a market share of almost 55%. The models of the wide bodied aircraft consist of 747, the 777, the 767 and the 787. Out of these Boeing 777 and 787 are the most popular and in demand aircrafts. In a recent air show held in Dubai, Boeing revealed the 777x which is the third generation aircraft and is expected to enter the service industry in 2020. This third generation entry will widen the product range of Boeing and will be more efficient, with large cabins, windows and beautiful contemporary architecture. With all this Boeing has kept in mind to save the fuel consumption and the 777 will be about 22% more fuel efficient.