The Fresh Market Inc (NASDAQ:TFM) Waits For Coca-Cola Life To Bring New Life


Dallas, Texas 09/12/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – The Fresh Market Inc (NASDAQ:TFM) has lent its selling channel to the recent launch of Coca-Cola Life’s for pilot-sale program in the US.  The drink has already made its way to store shelves in US as well as Mexico on a ‘limited roll-out.’

The Fresh Market Inc (NASDAQ:TFM) sells reach is now being leveraged by the world’s largest soft-drink maker to conduct market research and response to its latest product, Coca-Cola Life. The new product is a sweet soda drink, which use Stevia-as the sweetener over traditional ingredients for that sweetened taste.

The product is now waiting for a larger and wider-based sell phase soon, in Mexico.

As per statistics of the Life drink, 8-ounce can holds 60 calories as against the 93 calories of its regular coke.

Experts  believe the latest venture by Coca-Cola is an attempt by the largest soda maker to enter the mid-calorie consumer market. In recent times the company has made way for different industry players to offer products which have found their way into many of Coca-cola market segments.

The Fresh Market Inc (NASDAQ:TFM) channel for sales will leverage Coca-cola’s established brand name to offer distinctive products in its sales outfits. While the market research is critical to Life’s further sales campaigns both in the US and overseas, for Fresh Market it is time to taste the sweet success of ‘Life.’

TFM had reported its second quarter earnings on August 22. The company has been trading much higher than its previous price points, based on the marginal earnings beat it reported for the same quarter. The main point of drawback for TFM in the past quarter had been higher costs which pulled down profits the previous year. Other avenue where TFM was challenged was its expansion plans in the Southeast, where, it planned to open more stores.