The Wet Seal, Inc. (NASDAQ:WTSL) Board Gets 3 New Directors


Dallas, Texas 03/11/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – The Wet Seal, Inc. (NASDAQ:WTSL) released a news note yesterday which announced the appointment of three new directors to its board. The three newly appointed board members are “Deena Varshavskaya, Nancy Lublin and Adam Rothstein”. The speciality retailer products are designed to cater to the young women. With these latest additions it will boast of a board consisting of 9 members and will be lead by Lynda J. Davey     , Chairman of the Board.

In her welcome note to the new board members, post the announcement of the new board member names, Chairman Lynda has been quoted to have said that, “They will bring significant and unique talents and expertise to Wet Seal . Their experience in e-commerce and social media, combined with their knowledge of our target demographic and Mr. Rothstein’s background as a shareholder representative, should provide Wet Seal with a remarkable amount of insight and perspective. We are excited about what they will bring to the Board and look forward to working with them.”

The move has been explained as the company’s efforts to equip its management team to align its self better to the newer trends that the company has been forced to take note of, as it further extends its reach and presence on the e-commerce space. The new directors have been picked for their unique expertise in the streams of social media and mobile based commerce.

Deena Varshavskaya has been introduced as the founder and chief executive officer of the largest social app which is exclusively catering to shopping needs of its customers. In her comments post assuming her place on the board of The Wet Seal, Inc. (NASDAQ:WTSL) she has been quoted to have said that her focus would be to advise the board to move faster into the online shopping space and has set herself the goal of making the firm more friendly to social shopping online.