The Wet Seal, Inc. (NASDAQ:WTSL) Trades Flat


Dallas, Texas 02/14/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – US based The Wet Seal, Inc.(NASDAQ:WTSL) is an apparel company which essentially caters to the young women aged between 13 and 39 years has moved from its national retail chain image to an online and ecommerce store front as well.

The Wet Seal, Inc.(NASDAQ:WTSL) especially sells various kinds of multi-channel as well as speciality retailing opportunities in the fashion apparel as well as the accessory items. Here the company is also very popular for the varied as well as highly stylized fashion clothing for women apparel buyers. Most clothing as well as accessories this brand offers its clientele is aimed at enhancing and bringing value to the teenage girls as well as women who spend better parts of their time on careers and are on in the competitive market place.

The Wet Seal, Inc.(NASDAQ:WTSL) style range and apparel have a faithful following and the company has since remodelled it self for the online clientele as well. The company continues to offer services for the on-site shoppers as well as the online buyers. The company has immediate competition from the likes of RUE. Additionally, RUE has successfully moved fast over the past two years with over 1,500 stores on continental North America. There is more to be noted on RUE success which The Wet Seal, Inc.(NASDAQ:WTSL)will hopefully duplicate to leverage better sales.

The main feature most shoppers expect from the store, beyond fashion is value to the merchandize the produce. If the merchandizer finds more value addition in the products it sells. Additionally, the company should also use the small real estate space it holds in malls, outlets as well as shopping centers to leverage better returns.

The Wet Seal, Inc.(NASDAQ:WTSL) will move forward closer to RUE ranks, if it is able to find the right quality of value additions, besides using in-store real estate to find profitable answers.