Transurban Group (ASX:TCL) declares higher profit; augmented dividend


Dallas, Texas 08/30/2013 (Financialstrend) – Transurban Group (ASX:TCL) develops, runs and preserves toll roads in Australia as well as United States. It has to borrow lots of funds with the aim to construct, purchase, or bid for the rights to toll roads owing to the vast expenses of these types of projects. After that, it should successfully handle expenses along the way over future decades to confirm what it earns is too much what it disburses.

Transurban boasts tollways in Sydney as well as Melbourne, and 2 in Virginia, United States of America, although 98 per cent of its income is produced in the Australian zone.

In this year’s yearly report released during August, revenue augmented 3.5 per cnet to $1.19 billion, and net PAT jumped 198.1 per cent to $174.5 million. This was largely owing to the firm having to take a $137 million write-down on investment funds in 2012.

As per the report, free cash flow is the key measure utilized to evaluate cash generation in the group. It signifies the cash obtainable for allocation to security holders, and is a major measure of the presentation of Transurban’s operating assets.

Transurban profit surges on Australian tollway traffic expansion

Transurban Group announced that its yearly revenue increased three times as traffic volumes originated on its Australian tollways, whilst 2012’s outcome was blighted by a write down on a bothersome U.S. asset.

Net profit for 2013 to June 30 zoomed to 171.7 million Australian dollars (US$153.6 million) as compared to A$54.9 million during the preceding year when the firm wrote the worth of the Pocahontas Parkway in the state of Virginia to ‘0’ because of deprived traffic volumes.

Transurban predict distributions to investors during the existing fiscal year of 34 cents per scrip, up from a payout of 31 cents during 2012.