Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Exploits New Subscription Based Platform For Professionals


Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is looking to explore a subscription based premium service for professionals which could lead to an important new revenue generation for the company.

Slow growth rate

Like most social media networks, Twitter has concentrated on acquiring a huge user base since its launch 11 years ago. The company recorded 319 million monthly during the quarterly earnings last month. The user base growth has been slow during the last few years compared to its rival Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). The company is also struggling to make profits amid the ad revenues. This is despite its popularity among prominent names including the U.S. president Donald Trump and other celebrities that make it the center of attention.

Market studies

Twitter is carrying out a survey among selected users to determine the interest in a new improved version of the Tweet deck as reported by their spokeswoman Brielle Villablanca. The Tweet deck app offers a more customized platform. The app was acquired by Twitter in the year 2011.

Villablanca said in a statement that Twitter regularly engages in research studies to get feedback about users’ experience on Twitter to improve their information about their product investment decisions. Currently it is undertaking a research exploring different ways of making Twitter deck even more valuable for the professionals.

Subscription fees for users

Subscription fees could be charged on the Twitter deck interface that allow users to navigate Twitter. The company did not confirm whether the company will charge the normal accounts.

The new Tweet deck target market

According to a screen shot of the study carried out, the premium version of Twitter deck will be targeted at marketers, professionals and journalists. It will offer valuable viewings, posting as well as signaling tools including trends, alerts and activity analysis, composing and posting tools and advanced analytics all under one customized dashboard.

New features

Reports leaked indicate that the new Tweet deck will include more powerful tools to help the targeted market of journalists, professionals, marketers and other in the community to get access to what is happening in the world much faster. The platform is also speculated to be ad free.