Umpqua Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:UMPQ) Records A Drop In Prices


Dallas, Texas 04/24/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) –  Umpqua Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:UMPQ) the Portland based holding company for financial services has been in the red in the past few quarters. The company has been operating its range of services on two fronts. The first is the banking services it provides with its Umpqua bank and the second is the Umpqua Investments.

Umpqua Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:UMPQ) also offers a range of businesses which are engaged in such services as commercial as well as retail banking. The retail brokerage services for such banking systems are amply demonstrated in the services it provides.

Umpqua Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:UMPQ) investments are to be noted with respect to the broker as well as dealer for investment advisor locations across the country. The Portland as well as Lake Oswego, Medford Oregon has also begun to use Umpqua Bank stores.

Umpqua Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:UMPQ) had begun investments which offers a range of investment as well as products and services, it provides. The investment range of services it provides are inclusive of stocks, fixed and income securities as well as municipal as well as corporate bonds. It will also provide a range of government bonds.

Umpqua Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:UMPQ) has been offering Certificate of Deposits or CDs where the money and market instruments are always part of the services provided. There are a range of other services which are provided are the annuities as well as the retirement planning as well as money management services and a range of life insurance as well. By April 2014, has since merged with Sterling Financial Corp.

Umpqua Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:UMPQ) trades on the stock market at prices between range such as $17.15 and $17.98. The shares over the 52 week range are found to trade at prices as low is $11.56 as well as $19.66. The share was found to open at the start of the previous trading session at prices of $17.96.