Venaxis, Inc. (NASDAQ:APPY) focused on product development


Dallas, Texas 07/12/2013 (Financialstrend) – APPY is a biomedical diagnostic company providing significant returns on investment for long-term oriented shareholders. APPY 1 is the company’s product, advanced via clinical processes. The company is focused on product development up to product commercialization. APPY 1 is the substance for the diagnosis of appendicitis. As the diagnosis of appendicitis needs well-developed clinical laboratories in hospitals resulting in increased costs related to the visit of doctors and staff support in the hospitals, it has been essential to develop an effective diagnostic substance which will provide accurate feedback and will be effective for the treatment of appendicitis. As a result, APPY 1 has been developed by APPY to serve this unmet need. This is a blood diagnostic test to diagnose whether the patients are at risk for developing appendicitis. This diagnostic test provides accurate results and thus saves money for the patients. The product also delivers accurate results immediately as compared to other time-consuming methods for the completion of such diagnoses. APPY 1 is also an additional instrument for physicians, allowing for a more conservative patient management process.

Venaxis, Inc. (NASDAQ:APPY) closed at $1.36 on Thursday, recording an increase of 5.30% in the share price for the day. The stock price fluctuated from a low value of $1.32 to a high one of $1.45 per share. The company currently has a 52-week low of $1.15 and a 52-week high of $3.18 per share. APPY currently has 9.95 million outstanding shares in the market with institutional ownership of 31% of its total equity capital. Trading volume stood at 2.80 million shares on Thursday, with an average one for APPY at 1.04 million shares per day.