Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) Launches A Startup For Low-Cost, All-In Phone Service


Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) has launched a new startup that will offer users with unlimited low-cost services. Users in the US will be able to access unlimited message, data and talk minutes for a monthly fee of juts $40. This is almost half of the average mobile phone bill in the US, which stands at $73.

According to Verizon Communications, Visible will not affect services for the millions of users who like using unlimited offerings. Many of the service providers who have been in the sector have been undergoing scrutiny for putting a cap on the quality of video so as to maintain their unlimited offers. Visible does not promise to cut on the quality in exchange for reduced cost. This will be a major win for the company’s users.

However, currently Visible is not available to all users. New customers can access the new offerings after being invites by a current Visible user. This, way, a new user is able to access the Visible app and start the activation of process so as to fully take advantage of the offerings. The offerings are also only accessible by customers with unlocked iPhones. Those with Apple phones but are connected to other services like T-Mobile will not be able to access the offerings. The startup has indicated that it is working on extending its accessibility to Android users. This means that at some point it will partner with phone companies to offer devices with inbuilt Visible services.

In a statement, Miguel Quiroga, the CEO of Visible said that so they are impressed with the response from the customers. He added that although it is very early to speculate, the startup will be investing in phones built with its services. However, the CEO did not divulge much information on the number of users that are currently accessing Visible.

Although it may currently be having small numbers in terms of userbase, the startup is expected to pick up with a lot of momentum with the help of Verizon, which has a lot of experience in the market. Verizon is currently the leading provider of wireless services with over 150 million users.