Vimicro International Corporation (ADR) (NASDAQ:VIMC) Wins New Chinese Orders


Dallas, Texas 01/21/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Vimicro International Corporation (ADR) (NASDAQ:VIMC)  is a Chinese specialized semi-conductor manufacturer producing a wide range of products as well as software solutions that are operational at the system level. The company boast of wide portfolio which is designed for mixed signal semiconductor products.

Vimicro International Corporation (ADR) (NASDAQ:VIMC) products are essentially built for manufacturers from the electronics, appliances, communications, consumer electronics as well as surveillance companies. These provide the multimedia aspect of the devices.

Vimicro International Corporation (ADR) (NASDAQ:VIMC) specialization in developing the technology component for multimedia rendering in a host of products positions the company as a solution provider. The company’s main market segment is China and most orders are from various government facilities and similar categories. The company also works to develop firmware and software which will integrate the range of features of its components at the kernel level.

These are used by the manufacturers across China, of which there are so many white label facilities, to assemble electronic devices and gadgets as outsourcing partners for multinational companies.

Vimicro International Corporation (ADR) (NASDAQ:VIMC) works on its rich expertise in developing customized solutions and has since built a wide-cross section of components to address specific needs. The range of software development tools the company provides, the reference designs as well as the application support it provides are known to bring value addition to the services it provides.

Vimicro International Corporation (ADR) (NASDAQ:VIMC) additionally holds a strong production hold on surveillance products. The company’s surveillance products are not just manufactured by the company but designed as well by them, which finds acceptance by the Chinese government. Vimicro solutions are developed to maintain the standards as well as the platforms besides components to facilitate design as well as assemble, besides establishing the supply chain management. The company has persisted with the standards delivery and has ensured the company continues to serve the security requirements of the country.