What Is Going On With Ballard Power Systems Inc. (USA)(NASDAQ:BLDP)?


Ballard Power Systems Inc. (USA)(NASDAQ:BLDP) and the firm’s subsidiary Protonex Technology Corporation reported that the U.S. Army PEO-Soldier has obtained signature nod for its Mobile Soldier Power Plan of Record to full rate manufacturing status, commonly named as “Milestone C”.

This Program of Record comprises a number of new devices emphasized on improving energy and power management on and around the soldier, counting Protonex’ SPM-622, conformal wearable batteries, and data distribution and man-worn power devices.

The details

Paul Osenar, the President of Protonex, expressed that with the digitization of the battleground, the U.S. military recognized a capability gap in power and energy management for its expanding array of electronic devices. Their Squad Power Manager comes in the list of the solutions that removes this gap. Lightening the load of troops by removing many of the batteries, chargers and adapters they carry was a need that they identified years earlier.

They are thrilled to work with the Army to offer unique and practical power solutions such as their Squad Power Manager. The “Milestone C” designation now allows the U.S. Army to pitch the SPM-622 as portion of the Mobile Soldier Power Plan of Record in considerable volume.

The SPM-622 is a versatile, agile and tough power management tool allowing military forces to prioritize and manage power application for numerous electronics devices including GPS systems, portable radios, EOD and Medical equipment, and systems from any available power source.

Moreover, the SPM-622’s ability to search from vehicles, solar panels, other batteries and other energy sources enables military units to recharge mission major batteries when resupply is delayed or unavailable. Therefore, the U.S. Department of Defense & Allied militaries have deployed over 5,500 Protonex SPM Power Manager Kits over the limited production course of the program.

The light, intelligent and small SPM-622 system increases flexibility and mobility of the warfighter. The product meets a U.S. Army need that has been authorized by deployed units involved in combat operations in harsh environments, providing a number of high-priority advantages to military end-users.