What’s New From Qualstar Corporation(NASDAQ:QBAK)?


Dallas, Texas 02/21/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Qualstar Corporation (NASDAQ:QBAK) is one of the prolific magnetic tape domain players for networks engaged in computing ecosystems. The essential work feature for this company is the tape libraries or cartridge tape drives. These cartridges as well as robotics help in the movement of cartridges from the physical locations to software controlled pools or tape drives.

Qualstar Corporation (NASDAQ:QBAK) as the backend computer peripherals services provider is able to bring high degree of work production into various platforms. These include – Unix, Linux as well as Windows operating system networks.

Qualstar Corporation (NASDAQ:QBAK) tape products are built to provide complete compatible solutions on a host of hardware such as – EMC, IBM,Symantec as well as Quest Software besides CommVault Systems. This company is known to operate in two segments; these are called the power supplies as well as the tape libraries. The revenues from these libraries are today in the region of 44.8% of what the company earns in a financial year.

QualstarCorporation (NASDAQ:QBAK) in the recent weeks has reported results of the second fiscal, which the company ended on December 2013. The company was found to have increased its revenue by 57% , moving forward to $3.4 million from its earlier $2.2 million during the first quarter of 2014. The company has also introduced revenue storage results which were found to have moved forward by 29% to $1.6 million from its previous $1.2 million. The last segment in which this company finds revenue the power Supply segment too recorded an increase to $1.8 million. The rise was from the $953, 000 it held earlier.  Besides, the gross margin increase for the company was found to be 22.9% which rose to 43.9%, well over the 21.0% it held earlier.

QualstarCorporation(NASDAQ:QBAK) volume trades too saw an increase in volume, with the gain in the region of 35.65%which was well above the normal volume of 1.17 million shares. It was also found that the stock settlement was at $1.56, following the floating range increase from $1.33 to $2.05.