What’s tricky about Ominto Inc. (NASDAQ:OMNT)?


Ominto Inc. (NASDAQ:OMNT)‘s sales surged 0.49% in the recent quarter to 7.86M%, yielding EPS of $(0.23).

The firm generated $(3.76M) in net cash from operations in the previous quarter, bringing its balance at the close of the quarter to 13.23M%. Net change in cash balance from the preceding period was $(1.49M).

Let us look into the charts of the stock:

The Barchart Technical Opinion rating is a 16% Sell with a Strengthening short term outlook on maintaining the current direction. Longer term, the trend strength is Minimum.

With that, Ominto Inc. reported $69.59M in total assets at the close of the quarter. It recorded debt of -%, which was down/up growing from the previous period.

In the existing quarter, analysts are predicting EPS of $ from Ominto Inc.. That compares with EPS of $(0.23) in the last quarter.

Coming to earnings, the firm recorded EPS of $-0.82 in the last financial year, while EPS for the current year is anticipated to grow 36.60% over the prior year.

EPS metric is impacted by profits a firm generates in a certain period and the number of due shares in it has in that given period. For the previous quarter where EPS was EPS $(0.23), shares outstanding were 17.93M. In that quarter, Ominto Inc. incurred $4.55M in cost of sales, resulting in gross profit of $3.31M from the sales of 7.86M% it generated in the quarter.

Who owns Ominto Inc.? first, of the firm’s outstanding shares, 9.26M are free float. The firm’s shares sold short are 1.48%, implying a short ratio of 2.30.

As for the title, insiders own 19.80% of the firm, with that ownership moderately being a result of – insider transactions in the previous couple of months. Institutional shareholder ownership in the stock is 0.50%, stemming from – institutional transactions in the last few months.

Wall Street analysts on the average have a call of on the stock of Ominto Inc..