Why Kinross Gold Corporation (USA) (NYSE:KGC) Is Attractive?


Dallas, Texas 08/28/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Kinross Gold Corporation (USA)(NYSE:KGC) the Canada-based miner appears increasingly attractive in comparison to the Russia-based mines. Given the political turmoil and geographic pressures, most of the miners in this region are in a constant state of flux.

To play safe, most players are investing in mining sources which are non-affected but deliver on investor requirements as well.

As analysts point out, the first choice, under the current parameters include, Kinross Gold Corporation (USA)(NYSE:KGC) which also has a substantial presence in the Russian geographies.

KGC is a key player in not just North American and South American market segments but has been driving the African mining segment as well with substantial gold output. However, despite these plays, KGC’s Russian foray are valued at 30%.

Kinross Gold Corporation (USA)(NYSE:KGC) owns two mines in this region.

As indicated, these mines are some of best gold-based mines. The cost of gold per ounce is in the region of $600 and is well below that of competitors.

More importantly, KGC has been cutting even on the operations front as well, since its operational costs of these two mines are nearly 30% lesser in comparison to other operators.

Though KGC has been playing its cards carefully, the changes of political upheaval are unlikely to have the same level of impact as pure this-region-only players.

Therefore, KGC is one of the best gold miners to be invested in currently as it takes on the challenges of an industry under pressure but remains on course with overwhelming production.

While there are other players very similar in infrastructure and performance to KGC, they lack the overall strengths to survive a downfall, if any!