Will Salesforce.com Inc. (NYSE:CRM) explode?


Salesforce.com Inc. (NYSE:CRM) said its revenue at the end of the latest quarter were 2.39B%, up 0.2%% from a corresponding period a year earlier.

Since Salesforce.com Inc. incurred expenses of $681.57M to generate the revenue, its gross income in the quarter was $1.71B. After deducting other operating expenses such salaries from the gross income, it ended up with a net income that gave it EPS of $(0.01).

Recently, Salesforce.com, inc. (NYSE:CRM) announced a strategic technology agreement. Extending the long-standing relationship between the two companies, Dell Technologies will expand the use of Salesforce’s market-leading sales, service, and marketing applications and CRM platform, which have been made smarter by Einstein artificial intelligence, to thousands of Dell Technologies employees worldwide, empowering them to deliver even greater customer success.

Let?s look into the technical of the stock

The Barchart Technical Opinion rating is a 96% Buy with a Average short term outlook on maintaining the current direction. Longer term, the trend strength is Maximum. Long term indicators fully support a continuation of the trend. The market is approaching overbought territory. Be watchful of a trend reversal.

The reported EPS resulted from dividing the net income with the number of outstanding shares. Investors should keep in mind that Salesforce.com Inc. finished the quarter with diluted outstanding shares of 706.17M.

For the next quarter, though, the analysts on Wall Street are expecting EPS of $0.35 from Salesforce.com Inc..

Salesforce.com Inc. finished the most recent quarter with a cash balance of $1.81B. It generated net cash flow of $1.23B from operations, yielding free cash flow of $1.07B for the quarter.

With that, the company concluded the quarter with total assets worth $17.06B. It also reported total debt of 1.14B%, with the debt having increased/decreased by growing from the previous quarter. Salesforce.com Inc. booked total liabilities of $9.12B in the latest quarter.

Analysts who have commented on Salesforce.com Inc. so far have an average recommendation of Buy on its stock. What does that mean? A recommendation in the range of 1.00 – 1.24 indicates that a stock is a BUY. A recommendation in the band of 1.75 – 2.24 suggests a stock is a HOLD, and a recommendation in the range of 2.75 – 3.00 implies a stock is a SELL. So that tells you the perception of Salesforce.com Inc. on Wall Street.

However, outside BUY, HOLD and SELL, other available analyst recommendations are OVERWEIGHT and UNDERWEIGHT, represented by numbers in the range of 1.25 – 1.74 and 2.25 – 2.74, respectively.

Analysts on the average are also predicting that shares of Salesforce.com Inc. will be trading at $102.16 in the next 12 months.